How do I succeed and get 100 on the Bagrut Unseen ?

  1. Translate the Title                                כותרת

       2 Translate the  first question           שאלה ראשונה                         

       3 Read and Understand the first Paragraph                                                         פסקה ראשונה

     4 Look for words with that Mean the same:

Like :

  • huge, large and gigantic
  • very small, tiny, microscopic
  • a prison    a  jail
  • however , but
  • To sum up, To conclude
  • And, In addition
  • Rarely, seldom
  • Daily,   Once a day
  • Enjoyed,  had a lot of fun !
  • Daily,   Once a day


How do I know what the main idea is ?

It is  usually  in the first sentence and it  does not have details.